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Feb 17

thequeerdeer said: Who are your real parents?

…… Oh crap

This is one of my least favorite topics….

I like to say that I don’t know, but that’s a lie. My parents are Electric Shock and Adrenaline Rush. They are alive, but they don’t live with me. They didn’t give me away or anything. Believe me, they wanted me around, just not for the right reasons…

Okay, might as well get this story over with. You fellow ponies and humans (Yeah, I found out that humans use Tumblr!) deserve to know. 

I’m not going to be shameful.

When I was a little filly, I lived in a kingdom neighbouring to Equestria, known as Delour. Delour has a ruler similar to Equestrian goverment, only our king was the first son of the original ruler who was murdered. Our King is named King Mal, son of King Prosperitas. Now, let’s go to before I was born.

King Prosperitas was murdered and his son took over. Now, ever since the murder of his father, King Mal’s kingdom had been a haywire mess. Some of the people of Delour had decided that King Prosperitas was now a profit of which they were to worship and make sacrifices, and sacrifice they did. They gave up blood and flesh of themselves and the people who did not believe in the past king being a profit, and even killed people to make the spirit Prosperitas pleased. This, of course, brought a war between the believers and nonbelievers, known as the Prosperitites and the Mallions. My parents, young ponies at the time, were strong believers in the profit of Prosperitas. They even based their marriage upon the will of Prosperitas. 

They knew, however, that they had to make money somehow, so they turned to Prosperitas, who gave them no answer. This made Shock and Rush so enraged that they turned on the profit and worked for neither side, saying that Mal was a barbaric leader who can’t control his kingdom, and Prosperitas had forgotten that his people even loved him.

My father, Adrenaline Rush, had traveled a lot when he was younger, because his parents had been some of the richest people in all of Delour, so he had done many things. He remembered that, somewhere nearby, there were plants that, when cooked properly, caused addicting pleasure and satisfaction, but the more you used, the more you wanted, so it was a wonderful buisness. He decided that he and my mother would make those, force everyone in Delour to try at least one, and then rake in the cash.

I must admit, it was a good plan. A manipulative plan, but a good one at that.

They were some of the richest people in the kingdom, and had everything they could ask for. They probally had more money than King Mal (Although that isn’t much.) They had a child, me, and gave me my wretched name. 

My first name: Intoxicated. That was a sign of their success in being rich by making everyone extremely intoxicated.

My second name: Symphony. That was after the old queen of Delour, Enchanting Symphony. She had been one of the only things to ever make King Prosperitas miserable, because she had cheated on him in front of him and betrayed him so many times no one can keep count. 

So that also answers the story behind my stupid name also.

So that’s who my parents wer- I mean, who they are. I haven’t seen them since I ran away when I was a tiny filly. Not sure if they even remember me. 

Not that I care. If they ever came looking for me, it would either be because they need help with the addiction poison, or they need a sacrifice for the new prophet…..

Well, that’s who my parents are. That’s all for now.

Thanks for asking, Toxic Rave:)

Alright, goodnight fellow ponies (And hue mans). 

~Intoxicated Symphony

Feb 13

Hearts and Hooves Day…. Ew.

Good evening, Tumblr! Well grow me some wings and call me Celestia, is it that time already? That dreadful, stupid day? Hearts and Hooves day? Oh, how wonderfully terrible. 

If you haven’t caught it yet, I’m not a fan of Hearts and Hooves day. 

The whole idea is dumb. A day where you are EXPECTED to have a special somepony that you celebrate having? I mean, really. What if you don’t have a special somepony? Why are you expected to celebrate your special somepony on this specific day? Can’t you just celebrate them any day you want? Make it a nice surprise? Surprises are nice. They make everything better, if you ask me. 

I also don’t have a special somepony, but big deal. I don’t need one. All the stallions in Ponyville are nutty! I am much happier being independent.

You know what? My cauldron is my special somepony. Erm, special something.

My Valentines day is going to be spent her in my house, spending time talking to Zecora and brewing potions until the sun goes down.

That is my perfect Hearts and Hooves day. I’ll save romantic Hearts and Hooves days for when I’m older. 

Well, good night Tumblr. I have a long, potion-filled day ahead of me and I don’t want to be tired.

~Intoxicated Symphony

P.S.- This morning I got this series from Twilight’s library that these creatures from a whole different demsion read! It’s called “Harry Potter” So far, I’m halfway through with the book.It’s about this weird species They study magic and weird creatures. They also study potions! It’s so neat! I wish they had some of the potions written in the book, though. I’d like to try them. 
My favorite character so far is Hermione Granger. She is just so cool and independent! If she were a pony I knew, she wou 

Feb 13


 I can’t believe this computer thing is working! I made a “You Tube” thing. I’ll put the link to my account on the bottom. I found the tumblr’s of a few filly friends of mine, and even Twilight and Pinkie and Rarity!

Rarity has really lost her beans. It’s quite fascinating, actually. I wish I could help her, but her insanity is too servere for even the most extreme potion.

Potions can cure things, they can’t perform miracles. 

Well, after I found Zecora’s cauldron covered in snakes, I helped her capture the snakes in pots and jars, then made a “Snakes to worms” potion that we fed them and that worked out well. It’s only temporary, so we went them off to the local zoo while they were still wormy and harmless. Lion Tamer and Peacock Feather, the owners of the Zoo, handled the situation quite well. Thank goodness. Now it’s time to rest. Good night, Tumblr.

On second thought, I think I’m going to watch the most recent episode of that reality show Twilight and her friends made……..

~Intoxicated Symphony

P.S. Here’s that link I promised: http://www.youtube.com/user/IntoxicatedSymphony?feature=guide

Feb 13
I walk into the potions room…..
And I find this.
Zecora… What in Equestria have you gotten us into?!
(Ooc: Art belongs to: Halomademeapc. Website? Lol I dunno. Just thought I should mention, no theft!)

I walk into the potions room…..

And I find this.

Zecora… What in Equestria have you gotten us into?!

(Ooc: Art belongs to: Halomademeapc. Website? Lol I dunno. Just thought I should mention, no theft!)

Feb 13

Anonymous said: .... Who are Sonic Boom and Pizza Pie???

Oh boy…..

My first real question had to be about them?!

They go to school with me, and they are just as mean and gross as can be. They’re perverted, stupid, and never shut their mouths. Sonic Boom is actually an ex of mine, but I was a much younger filly. I was new to the town and I wanted comfort, I just went looking for it in the wrong place. How stupid was that? Very. I admit, but I know now that that was something that will never again happen.

Now, I must go for the night, Tumblr. Zecora is downstairs, stressing over a potion she is having trouble with, and if I don’t go help her solve it, I’m going to be upstairs awake all night listening to her complain. Wish me luck and good night!

Feb 13

tumblrbot said: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

Neither! It’s all about the ponies!